Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The Boys Have Another Top 40 Hit ...

"The Warmth Of The Sun" entered the Billboard Top Albums Chart at #40 last week - the umpteenth Beach Boys to do so. As I wrote in a previous post, it's fun to see some of the more obscure, album tracks to get the high-profile treatment, and these will undoubtedly lead new fans to seek out the albums of these hidden gems. It all goes to further cement the Beach Boys legendary status as the greatest and most innovative American band of all time.

The selection of songs on this album is so strong, and it's hard to make any complaints, but I would have liked to seen a few others make the cut - even at the expense of others. For instance, I would love to see Brian's 1970 tour de force, "This Whole World" as well as "Darlin'" to name a few. What would I cut to get these in there? I probably would have to choose "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" and "California Dreamin.'" "Fools" IS a great track - a real wall of sound production and Brian sounds as soulful as he ever did - he just nailed the vocal. Still, it seems a little out of place before "Surf's Up." "California Dreamin'" was a good group effort, but it really IS the Mamas and the Papas, and I don't think Brian is even on it. Maybe Capitol felt the 80s needed to be represented.

In a post to come, I will choose a tracklist for a proposed third volume of Beach Boys classics totaling thirty tracks. It will be interesting to see if Capitol would even think about this. Well, if the new "Warmth" sells well and there's money to be made, then I wouldn't be surprised. How unbelievable that thirty more songs could actually make a very strong new album? Who else could do this? Maybe Elvis - I don't know. The Beatles? I don't know, maybe - but they didn't record nearly as many tracks as the Beach Boys did. Of course Frank Sinatra could, but he didn't write his own songs, and he's not of the Rock 'n Roll era.

OK: Let's have a contest. Respond to this post and choose thirty tracks you think should appear on a follow-up to "The Warmth Of The Sun." You even have to name the album, as I've done here. Then, we'll vote and whoever wins, get's a free copy of the "Warmth" CD. Let me know what you think:


1) Lonely Sea
2) Hushabye
3) Girls On The Beach
4) Salt Lake City
5) Girl Don't Tell Me
6) Spirit Of America
7) In The Parking Lot
8) You Still Believe In Me
9) Here Today
10) Caroline, No
11) Gettin' Hungry
12) Let The Wind Blow
13) Wake The World
14) Be Still
15) Busy Doin' Nothin'
16) Time To Get Alone
17) Cabinessence
18) This Whole World
19) Add Some Music To Your Day
20) All I Wanna Do
21) Long Promised Road
22) Funky Pretty
23) Marcella
24) Lady Lynda
25) She's Got Rhythm
26) Just Once In My Life
27) Let Us Go On This Way
28) Honkin' Down The Highway
29) Goin' On
30) Where I Belong

Damn - I think there could be a fourth volume after this ...


Girls On The Beach
Good To My Baby
And Your Dream Comes True
Don't Back Down
Do You Remember
Keep An Eye On Summer
Salt Lake City
A Young Man Is Gone
The Little Old Lady from Pasadena
She Knows me Too Well
Crocodile Rock
Cottonfields (45)
Roller Skating Child
Still Cruisin'
Peggy Sue
California Calling
Here Today
Add Some Music To Your Day
Busy Doin' Nothin'
I Wasn't Made For These Times
Only With You
Time To Get Alone
This Whole World
I Know There's An Answer
Baby Blue
Caroline No
Your Summer Dream

YOUR SUMMER DREAM is a marketable title and the song selection satisfies the "fun" quotient for the casual fans without forcing too much artsy stuff down their throats. besides, we want the buyers to listen repeatedly without skipping around. it will preserve the audience for.... VOLUME 4! cliffy63@yahoo.com
The Beach Boys – Celebrate The News

1. Good To My Baby
2. It’s A Beautiful Day
3. Roller Skating Child
4. She Knows me Too Well
5. You Still Believe In Me
6. Only With You
7. Time To Get Alone
8. This Whole World
9. Marcella (Live 73)
10. Keepin’ The Summer Alive (Live Knebworth)
11. Baby Blue
12. Long Promised Road
13. Caroline No
14. Your Summer Dream
15. Where I Belong
16. Slip On Through
17. She’s Got Rhythm
18. Rock N Roll To The Rescue
19. All Dressed Up For School
20. Girl Don’t Tell Me
21. Aren’t You Glad
22. Wake The World
23. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
24. Celebrate The News
25. Cottonfields (Single Version)
26. Susie Cincinnati (Single Version)
27. Chasin’ The Sky
28. Be Here In The Mornin'
29. You’re Still A Mystery – Unreleased
30. Dancin’ The Night Away - Unreleased
Add Some More Beach Boys Music To Your Day

Capitol Records
Release date: July 3, 2011
Highest Charts Positions - US: #78 / UK: #2 / Switzerland: # 728
Highest Amazon sales ranks - US: #18 / UK: # 354
Podcast: # 1

1. Add Some Music To Your Day
2. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
3. Wake The World
4. Let Us Go On This Way
5. Long Promised Road (with guitar from EH Surround Version)
6. Good To My Baby (new alternate Stereo Mix)
7. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
8. Everyone's In Love With You
9. Caroline, No (Brian's first solo release! - note in booklet)
10. Country Air (new alternate? Stereo Mix)
11. Marcella ('In Concert' live version)
12. Keepin' The Summer Alive ('Knebworth' live version)
12.5 Cotton Fields ('Hawthorne, CA' Version)
14. Vegetables ('Hawthorne, CA' extended version)
15. Aren't You Glad? (new alternate? Stereo Mix)
16. She Knows Me Too Well (new alternate? Stereo Mix)
17. Lady Lynda (single mix)
18. Farmer's Daughter
19. River Song (OK, Dennis solo, but performed in concert by the BB and released on 1981 comp. '10 Years Of Harmony')
20. Wonderful (Boxset Harpsichord version - new stereo mix with yodelling bv. please)
21. Guess I'm Dumb (the lost 'Today!' track - Glen C. was a part time BB and this song is underrated and was never really released on CD, so include it)
22. Let The Wind Blow ('Hawthorne, CA' version)
23. In The Back Of My Mind (new alternate Stereo Mix - single tracked lead)
24. Good Time (new mix - add 'turn on the radio' vocals from American Spring version please)
25. Summer Of Love (in memory of Terry Melcher)
26. Steamboat
27. Time To Get Alone ('Hawthorne, CA' version)
28. Fallin' In Love (Ok, Dennis solo, but BB performed it on TV and was part of early 'Sunflower' - new remix with American Spring backing - check out YouTube clip)
29. Busy Doin' Nothing
30. Here Comes The Night (Disco version)

for instructions where to send the price and Congratulation-Mails on the great setlist please contact
In memory to Carl and Dennis
" Brothers Music "
Hey guys: these are really good. Next week, we'll all pick a winner and they'll get the new CD. I promise also to send the tracklist to the top Beach Boys guy at Capitol and see what he says. And, Jasper, let's hope volume 3 is before 2011 - how about 200(?
Keepin The Summer Alive:
1.Keepin The Summer Alive
2.Girls On The Beach
3.Don't Back Down
4.We'll Run Away
5.Farmer's Daughter
6.And Your Dreams Come True(Hawthorne Version)
7.Salt Lake City(Hawthorne Version)
8. She Knows Me Too Well(New StereoMix)
9.Good To My Baby(New Stereo Mix)
10. Devoted To You( Hawthorne Mix)
11.Here Today
12. You Still Believe In Me
13.Wake The World
14.Little Bird
15.Cotton Fields(Hawthorne Mix)
16.Time To Get Alone
17.Our Prayer
19.This Whole World
20.Let The Wind Blow
21.Add Some Music To Your Day
22.Our Sweet Love
23.Soulful Old Man Sunshine
24.I just Wasn't Made For These Times
25.Vegetables(Hawthorne Mix)
27.Still I Dream Of It
28.Let Us Go This Way
29.Solar System
30.Lady Lynda

From: Jamie Arnett jamostamo@hotmail.com
1.I'm waiting for the day
2. Good to my baby
3. Salt lake city
4. the girl from new york city
5. Our car club
6. in the parkin lot
7. little saint nick
8. girl dont tell me
9. Thats not me
10. lets go away for awhile
11. add some music
12. this whole world
13. Here comes the night
14. Marcella
15. Mona
16. Had to phone ya
17. Little pad
18. wake the world
19. busy doin nothin
20. time to get alone
21. I do
22. long promised road
23. only with you
24. all i wanna do
25. at my window
26. lonely sea
27. in the back of my mind
28. Their hearts were full of spring
29. and your dream comes true

THE BEACH BOYS – Summer Vacation

7) WHAT’D I SAY (live in Australia)
8) LITTLE OLD LADY FROM PASADENA (live in Sacramento)
9) PAPA-OOM-MOW-MOW (live in Sacramento)
19) PT CRUISER (Al Jardine)
20) LET’S GO TO HEAVEN IN MY CAR (Brian Wilson)
21) SURFIN’ ‘ROUND THE WORLD (Bruce Johnston)
22) THE RIGHT LANE (Carl Wilson)
23) KUSTOM KAR SHOW (Dave Marks & The Marksmen with The Honeys)
24) RIVER SONG (Dennis Wilson)
25) ALMOST SUMMER (Mike Love with Celebration)
26) COUNTRY PIE (Mike Love with Celebration)
27) MONKEY’S UNCLE (w/Annette)
28) EAST MEETS WEST (w/The 4 Seasons)
29) GOOD MUSIC (w/Joan Jett)
30) WIPE OUT (w/The Fat Boys)

Bonus Track: KAREN (TV show theme)
The Beach Boys:
Bugged at my Ol Man

Or this one!

THE BEACH BOYS – Life’s A Beach

30) PAMELA JEAN (The Survivors)
RE Michael: 200x would be better, of course! I counted the years between SOS (2003) & TWOTS.
In no particular order (actually, this is basically chronological by record release):

I don't have a title, but we really need to stear clear of all the beach/summer/surfing references. Also, if we really need 30 songs, then we can get rid of the two Pet Sounds tracks. everyone should have that record anyway.

1) Cuckoo Clock
2) Lonely Sea
3) Farmer's Daughter
4) Keep and Eye on Summer
5) Don't Back Down
6) Hushabye
7) A Young Man is Gone
8) We Three Kings of Orient Are
9) I'm So Young
10) She Knows Me Too Well
11) In the Back of my Mind
12) Summer Means New Love
13) Still Believe in Me
14) I Just Wasn't made for these Times
15) Little Pad
16) Cabinessence
17) Let the Wind Blow
18) I Went to Sleep
19) Time to get alone
20) Little Bird
21) Busy Doin Nothin
22) Be With Me
23) At My Window
24) Long Promised Road
25) Big Sur
26) Steamboat
27) Funky Pretty
28) Good Time
29) Sail Plane Song
30) Soulful Ol' Man Sunshine
31) Had to Phone Ya
32) This Whole World
Aren’t You Glad: Songs of the Beach Boys

1. Farmer’s Daughter
2. The Surfer Moon
3. Spirit Of America
4. Hushabye
5. Drive-In
6. In The Back Of My Mind
7. Don’t Hurt My Little Sister
8. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
9. She Knows Me Too Well
10. And Your Dream Comes True
11. I’m Waiting For The Day
12. Aren’t You Glad
13. Here Comes The Night
14. God Only Knows (Lei’d In Hawaii)
15. Be Still
16. Time To Get Alone
17. Celebrate The News
18. This Whole World
19. Our Sweet Love
20. Lady (Dennis Wilson song)
21. Long Promised Road
22. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
23. Steamboat
24. That Same Song
25. Honkin’ Down The Highway
26. I’ll Bet He’s Nice
27. Life Is For The Living (Adult Child)
28. Baby Blue
29. River Song (Pacific Ocean Blue)
30. Moonlight (Bamboo)
Hi- here's my dream album....the whole album is a feel-good sort of vibe, which is what the BB music was. An album that would be a good listen for the older BB fans, and an excellent album for children, as tracks 1-11 are calming music, and the 12-30 tracks are playful and fun tracks.

Beach Boys
Foster Freeze

1. Feel Flows
2. Surf's Up
3. Warmth of the Sun
4. Our Prayer
5. All I wanna do
6. Forever
7. Surfer Girl
8. Soulful Old Man Shunshine
9. Full Sail
10. Wonderful
11. In My Room
12. Dance, Dance Dance
13. I Can Hear Music
14. Sloop John B
15. Sail on Sailor
16. Rock n Roll Music
17. Airplane Song
18.Come Go With Me
19. Breakaway
20. Getcha Back
21. Be True To your School
22. This Whole World
23. Heroes and Villians
24. Good Vibrations
25. Surfin USA
26. Fun Fun Fun
27. Add Some Music
28. Do You Wanna Dance
29. Crocodile Rock
30. Darlin
The Beach Boys: Your Summer Dream

1) And Your Dreams Come True
2) Your Summer Dream
3) Chug-A-Lug
4) The Surfer Moon
5) Pom Pom Play Girl
6) Ballad of Ole Betsy
7) Keep An Eye On Summer
8) Hushabye
9) Our Car Club
10) The Lonely Sea
11) Girls On The Beach
12) Good To My Baby
13) She Knows Me Too Well
14) Salt Lake City
15) Girl Don't Tell Me
16) Aren't You Glad
17) Country Air
18) Vegetables (version from Hawthorne)
19) Little Pad
20) Wake The World
21) Little Bird
22) Take A Load Off Your Feet
23) Deirdre
24) Oh Darlin'
25) Long Promised Road
26) Big Sur
27) Cabin Essence
28) You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
29) Leaving This Town
30) Good Time
The Beach Boys: It's About Time

1. Meant For You
2. Spirit of America
3. Don't Back Down (New Stereo mix)
4. Hushabye
5. Drive In
6. Wake The World
7. Let the Wind Blow (Live)
8. San Miquel (New Stereo mix)
9. In The Back of My Mind (New Stereo mix)
10. Add Some Music
11. This Whole World
12. Long Promised Road
13. Caroline No (Original Speed)
14. The Old Master Painter/ YAMS (From forthcomin SMiLE boxset)
15. Cabinessence
16. Time To Get Alone
17. Celebrate The News
18. Busy Doin Nothing
19. All I Wanna Do
20. The Trader
21. Only With You
22. The Night Was So Young
23. I'll Bet He's Nice
24. Marcella (Live)
25. Love Surrounds Me
26. Aren't You Glad (Live)
27. It's about Time
28. Wouldn't It Be Nice to Live Again (Previously Unreleased)
The Beach Boys
Celebrate the News (or How they Boogalooed It)

1. Chug-A-Lug
2. Farmer's Daughter
3. The Rocking Surfer
4. Cherry Cherry Coupe
5. Custom Machine
6. Pom Pom Play Girl
7. Don't Back Down
8. Papa Oom Mow Mow (live)
9. Good To My Baby
10. Girl Don't Tell Me
11. I Know There's An Answer
12. Vegetables
13. Country Air
14. Aren't You Glad
15. How She Boogalooed It
16. Can't Wait too Long / Been Way too Long
17. Wake the World
18. Anna Lee, the Healer
19. Busy Doin' Nothin'
20. Celebrate the News
21. This Whole World
22. Marcella
23. The Same Song
24. Susie Cincinati (single)
25. Peggy Sue
26. Good Time
27. Wontcha Come Out Tonight
28. Keepin' the Summer Alive
29. Where I belong
30. Summer in Paradise (live)
THE BEACH BOYS - "Wonderful"

1. And Your Dream Comes True
2. Girls on the Beach
3. Farmer's Daughter
4. Ballad of Ol' Betsy
5. Spirit of America
6. She Knows Me Too Well
7. Help Me Rhonda (Album Version)
8. The Surfer Moon
9. Don't Back Down
10. We'll Run Away
11. Deirdre
12. You're Welcome
13. Aren't You Glad
14. Vegetables
15. Darlin'
16. Baby Blue
17. Add Some Music
18. Time To Get Alone
19. All I Wanna Do
20. Only With You
21. This Whole World
22. Marcella
23. Girl Don't Tell Me
24. You Still Believe In Me
25. I Just Wasn't Made for These Times
26. Wonderful (From Good Vibrations Box Set)
27. Cabinessence
28. Busy Doin' Nothin'
29. Caroline No
30. Our Prayer

1. Surfin'
2. Summertime Blues
3. Keep An Eye On Summer
4. Drive-In
5. Don't Back Down
6. Papa Oom-Mow-Mow
7. Good To My Baby
8. Girl Don't Tell Me
9. You Still Believe In Me
10. I'm Waiting For The Day
11. Wild Honey
12. I Can Hear Music
13. Busy Doin' Nothin'
14. Cottonfields
15. This Whole World
16. Add Some Music To Your Day
17. Long Promised Road
18. Marcella
19. You Need A Mess Of Help To
Stand Alone
20. That Same Song
21. Susie Cincinnati
22. Back Home
23. Let Us Go On This Way
24. Honkin' Down The Highway
25. Baby Blue
26. Keepin' The Summer Alive
27. School Days (Ring! Ring! Goes
The Bell)
28. Goin' On
29. California Calling
30. Still Cruisin'

Thank you,
The Beach Boys – Sweet Solstice

1. Salt Lake City (stereo)
2. Good To My Baby (Stereo)
3. Roller Skating Child
4. This Whole World
5. She Knows me Too Well (Stereo!)
6. Drive In (Stereo Remix)
7. Don’t Talk
8. Time To Get Alone
9. Marcella (remixed!)
10. Let Us Go On This Way
11. Add Some Music
12. Hushabye (Stereo Remix)
13. Baby Blue
14. Summer Means New Love (Stereo)
15. Cottonfields (Single Version)
16. Long Promised Road
17. Lady Lynda
18. Girl Don’t Tell Me (Stereo)
19. Aren’t You Glad (Stereo)
20. Wonderful (Smile Version: stereo!)
21. Big Sur (maybe even the Sunflower version!)
22. Wake The World
23. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
24. Pitter Patter
25. Only With You
26. Susie Cincinnati
27. Here Comes The Night (stereo W.H. version)
28. Cabinessence
29. In The Back of My Mind (stereo)
30. Still Crusin’
California - We Were Made to Love Her
Our Prayer
Don’t Back Down
ballad of ol’ Betsy
This Car of Mine
Can’t Wait Too Long
And Your Dream Comes True
Good to My Baby
There’s No Other (like my baby)
She Knows Me Too Well
I’m So Young
Don’t Hurt My Little Sister
Aren’t You Glad
When A Man Needs A Woman
California Calling
Celebrate the News
I Was Made to Love Her
Wind Chimes
Full Sail
Good Timin’
Our Sweet Love
I Went to Sleep
Passing Friend
Make it Big
The Night Was so Young
Only with You
Still I Dream of It
You are so Beautiful
Cousins , Friends & Brothers

7-MARCELLA (BB In Concert
8-COTTON FIELDS (Single Version)


Thank You.

1. Angel Come Home
2. Farmer's Daughter
3. Lonely Sea
4. In the Parkin' Lot
5. Pom Pom Play Girl
6. Keep an Eye on Summer
7. Ballad of Ole Betsy
8. Cherry, Cherry Coupe
9. Spirit of America
10. Hushabye
11. Girls on the Beach
12. Don't Back Down
13. Good to My Baby
14. Don't Hurt My Little Sister
15. She Knows Me Too Well
16. You Still Believe in Me
17. Caroline No
18. Cuddle Up
19. Little Saint Nick
20. The Man with All the Toys
21. The Trader
22. Marcella
23. Santa's Beard
24. Funky Pretty
25. This Whole World
26. Long Promised Road
27. Johnny Carson
28. Problem Child
29. Where I Belong
30. Only With You

Fred at: ricki62002@yahoo.com suggests-

Title: Wonderful
1. The Lonely Sea
2. Surfers Rule
3. Car Crazy Cutie
4. In the Parkin' Lot
5. Hushabye
6. Don't Back Down
7. Salt Lake City
8. She Knows me too Well
9. The Girl from NYC
10. Good to my Baby
11. Im So Young
12. That's not Me
13. Caroline, No
14. You Still Believe in Me
15. Wonderful
16. Can't Wait too Long
17. Let the Wind Blow
18. Anna Lee the Healer
19. Add Some Music
20. Slip on Through
21. Little Bird
22. This Whole World
23. Marcella
24. Soulful Old Man Sunshine
25. San Miguel
26. Palisades Park
27. Lady Lynda
28. Kona Coast
29. Still Surfin'
30. Our Prayer

1. Farmers Daugher
2. Lonely Sea
3. Surfer Moon
4. Your Summer Dream
5. Keep An Eye On Summer
6. Ballad of Ol’ Betsy
7. Cherry, Cherry Coupe
8. Don’t Back Down
9. Girls On The Beach
10. Hushabye
11. Good To My Baby
12. She Knows Me Too Well (stereo mix please!)
13. I’m So Young
14. Girl Don’t Tell Me
15. I’m Waiting For The Day
16. I Know There’s An Answer
17. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
18. Caroline No
19. Let The Wind Blow
20. Little Bird
21. Busy Doin’ Nothin’
22. Time To Get Alone
23. We’re Together Again
24. This Whole World
25. Add Some Music To Your Day
26. Our Sweet Love
27. Long Promised Road
28. Marcella
29. Baby Blue
30. Goin’ On
Still Surfin

1/Good Timin
2/Meant For You
3/Time To Get Alone
4/This Whole World
5/Our Sweet Love
6/4th Of July
7/Long Promise Road
8/All This Is That
9/That Same Song
10/Lady Lynda
11/Let The Wind Blow
12/You Still Believe In Me
13/With Me Tonight
15/Getcha Back
16/Can't Wait Too Long
17/Wild Honey
18/Let Us Go On This Way
19/It's Over Now
20/Baby Blue
22/Little Bird
23/Fairy Tale Music
24/Funky Pretty
25/Had To Phone You
26/Still I Dream Of It
28/The Night Was So Young
29/Our Team
30/Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)
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