Monday, May 7, 2007


Why We Need Another Compilation ...

By Michael DeMartin

OK: Another Beach Boys compilation. Someone at Capitol told me that there have been over 70 TO DATE AROUND THE WORLD? Other than Elvis, I can't imagine anyone even coming close to this. It's just a reminder of how great the Beach Boys were and how every new generation picks up on the "Good Vibrations."

Why do we fans need this one - when we have all the songs already? Well, first of all, it's a beautiful package with great track information and to have these diverse songs (see press release in the previous post) on one shiny new disc is enticing for us completists. But, what a minute: there's also a very real and legitimate reason for fans to own this CD - actually there are six.

The new 28-track set includes six tracks mixed in stereo for the first time and they sound absolutely spectacular. Remember how good "California Girls," "Surfer Girl," and "Kiss Me, Baby" sounded on the Endless Summer CD awhile back? These remasters are ear-opening and it just shows you how great Brian Wilson's music stands the test of time. Following are the newly mastered tracks:

"All Summer Long"
"Your'e So Good To Me"
"Then I Kissedd Her"
"Please Let Me Wonder"
"Let Him Run Wild"

Do I have to say anymore? The difference between hearing these new versions against the old ones is almost like comparing black and white to color. They are fantastic and thanks to Mark Linett for working his magic. For those of us more hard-core fans, you'll be happy to see that the great "Let Him Run Wild" is finally appearing on later-day compilation. For years, Brian didn't want it out because he didn't like his voice on it.

I was at Brian's house last month (which is a whole other story and a future post) and I asked him why he didn't like his voice on it. He laughed and said "because I sounded like a chick - a sick chick!" I told him I couldn't agree with that, but he did have to admit the backing track was pretty spectacular and he concured - which is why it's been added to this track list.

Anyway, the album is available for pre-order at and it will be released on May 22. Click on the link at the top right of the page to buy it.

Hello Michael and others -
Michael, you mention 70 Beach Boys compilations around the world. I just paid a quick visit to and did a quick scan. Forgive me the odd mistake but I estimated that the list there has around 200 entries, albeit that the two-fer series is included too.
At any rate: bearing in mind that this list is not complete either, I'd say that over 200 comps is a fair guess... mind-boggling, isn't it?
Sorry -
a correction is in order. It's around 165 entries. But I still think the whole list would exceed 200 items (Japanese pressings, other countries, etc.)
Thanks, Frank - that's incredible. I will tell the guys at Capitol...
Um...I thought I'd point out that "Wendy" was always in stereo from day one. I'm not really sure why this one was remixed. (Was Mark Linett bothered by the famous 'cough' during the organ solo and felt it should be removed? LOL) There's really only five songs here in stereo for the first time.

Also, I think you meant to say "Endless Harmony", not 'Endless Summer' (which was Capitol's 1974 Beach Boys compilation).

Now having heard the CD, I have to say that Let Him Run Wild sounds magnificent. For some reason it's pitched a micro tone higher than previous CD issues, but otherwise, the stereo mix on that sounds incredible thru headphones...! Yum! Also great to have the others in stereo...finally!!! I've waited 25 years to hear some of these in stereo.
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