Monday, May 21, 2007


"The Warmth of the Sun" Rises Tomorrow ... and More ...

This weekend, I was leafing through the Target flyer and among the new CD's available tomorrow , there was "The Warmth of the Sun," front and center with some of today's biggest selling and most trendy bands. The fact that the Beach Boys are still there after 40 years is no small deal. I double-dare anyone to name one of today's bands to be so popular in 2047...

It's all about the music, and this collection is perhaps the finestever compilation that explores the entire - and some of the best - music arc of the Beach Boys. It's fantastic to see more obscure (but essential) tracks like "All This Is That," "'Til I Die," "Disney Girls" and "Please Let Me Wonder," etc. on one album. Sure, we all know they're great songs and we cherish them, but it's fun to think that these songs will be heard for the first time by many people buying this collection. They're in for a treat and a set like this will further the Beach Boys appeal, and thus their relevance and lasting appeal. I think it's safe to say that there will continue to be compilations long after we're gone - it's just how they'll be delivered. Maybe you'll just be able to download songs right to your brain - or in Brian's music case- right to your heart.

We hope you like Episode 3 of this podcast series. Al takes the lead on this one, as he, Brian, Mike and Bruce discuss "Little Honda, "409" and "It's OK." We spliced in a little piano Brian played for us after the car sound effect and before the track begins. Kinda cool that Brian plays songs on his piano in their original key. It's fun to hear the guys talk about "409" and how they got the car sound from Brian's tape recorder - and upset their neighbors. Al talks about Brian wanting a "dirty" sound for "Little Honda" and Brian calls it one of his favorites. Bruce has something to say about the environment on this one. MIke talks about his and Brian's "It's OK" and how he tries to bring positivity to his music, Al didn't want to talk about it (draw your own conclusions). Brian's not "OK" with this song even though he likes the bass line, Dennis' "fade tag" and the lyrics (you'd think that would be enough) - but in the end it "doesn't bring pleasant memories to me" - again, draw your own conclusions. Bruce calls it Mike at his "nasal finest." All in all, a cool episode, but they get even better.

Thanks for your kind efforts, dedication and taste. This is a very classy production worthy of the master of classy productions.
Amazing! Love the songlist, love to see how Sunflower is alive and back to where it belongs. Cheers! And long live the Beach Boys and beautiful music.
Great episode! I noticed while listening (and before reading) that Al didn't comment on "It's OK"...makes me think that this was one of the songs that wasn't a unanimous decision...
Nice episode. Can't wait for the guys talking about Friends, The Little Girl, and 'Til I Die. Thank you so much.
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