Friday, May 25, 2007


Enter VH1's Contest to See the Beach Boys ((LIVE ))

This is pretty interesting: VH1 has a "The Warmth of the Sun" contest just out and fans are offered the chance to win a trip to Mohegan Sun to see The Beach Boys live in concert "at their first-ever indoor beach party, along with "The Warmth of the Sun" music and merchandise.

OK, it's true that Brian and Al are on their own, but you'd be suprised to see "The Beach Boys" that Mike Love and Bruce Johnston head up. They're really good and how could you not like the music? I saw them last year at Mohegan Sun, and I was really surprised at how packed the house was and the age range of the crowd. We brought our 7 year old twins and they loved it. Mohegan Sun is a great place, there's so much to do there, so if I were you, I'd definitely enter the contest - it doesn't cost anything, and you'll probably "still dig the sounds..."

(Click on the "VH1 Beach Boys Contest link under the "Links" category at right).

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